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Invisible Reich new

         The blog to end all blogs, the article to end all articles. Among other things this article will prove that the end of WW2 was vastly misunderstood, all the way down to the death of Hitler, that many countries celebrated their new Nazi elitist think tanks and wasted no time adapting their ideas, assuming  a process deemed "denazfication". The U.S became a Nazi Disney Land, but that sounds upsetting, and outlandish, until one really focuses in between the lines, in between the mainstream (essentially useless and destructive) news, and sees the post war machine tearing away at the country, it's people, and more shockingly, the whole world. It's not your fault, or American families, or even the German people's fault. But it does have way too much to do with the Nazis, lemme explain what they did and why we might be fucked' until this is more common knowledge. Surprisingly, we can get even more specific, it is always a group of well funded global elite who force people into horrible gore filled wars. People have evolved from slaves to the rich, into robot drone soldiers beheading each other over the king's war industry. We've been closely instructed and not so politely programmed to worship and die for (somehow explained as patriotic necessary sacrifice to secure family and the things one loves about one's homeland) American hero Captain America has an identity crisis unlike any other hero. He is an accidental hypocrite. He was just a skinny, blond, weakling. Art is where Steve Rogers took on greater forms than himself and gave the super soldier a true American underdog archetypal ring, to his gliding shield. All this walking spectacular 4th of July flair on a character who has personally been written as a vigilante who serves only the American people, and the ideal American quality of life and yet, he is the tall blonde, blue-eyed Aryan stereotype injected with a serum complete from a Nazi program. This is where both the super soldiers and secret shadow governments, in both the conspiracy literature of facts, and nightmare's of comic book underworlds start to merge in a way that only synchromystic language can understand. I don't know if this is about Red Skull, or James Casbolt, or Wolfenstein, or aliens, or Occultism involving long  streaming blonde psychic tendrils of Russian hair, but we will probably visit all of these...

We can sleep well at night knowing that Jack and Simon did not create Cap as some kind of hidden statement about World War 2, regardless we see Cap clobbering Hitler just as he is about to review his plans for the conquest of the U.S (map included on top of "...Plans for U.S.A.") starting with a TV guided missile targeting (history of...) a U.S.Munitions depot.

Here we gather, without reading it yet, that Cap has made his way in the second issue to an underground bunker of some kind where Hitler has a globe with a Nazi flag pegged on the U.S. The book between Bucky and the globe reads something like "Trapped in a Nazi Stronghold"

"For Reasons of National Security..."

...Is the reason Hitler gave the people of Germany, to invade Poland after he burned down a farmhouse and blamed it on the “terrorists”; immediately denouncing those who questioned him as unpatriotic and soon had their peers turning them over to the SS. False Flag Terrorism is something we are all hopefully quite aware of by now, but, as is often my question...How did we get here? A quick look at the history of corporations, just within the U.S. may help us to understand how we wound up in the burning Animal Farm, or this preparatory Orwellian state.

   A globalist takeover is an evident theme in all Nazi literature, as well as in the fundamentalist ranting of the novelists who were mouthpieces of modern organizations which currently push forward with their utopian plan for a "New World Order.” Because bankers and corporations do hold so much power, some of these ideas are far from conspiracy and they now constitute a daily reality which most people are at least partially aware of, even if it goes unmentioned for most of the time.
   When it comes to the cult of Nazism, often the researcher is chilled to the bone by confronting a movement which simultaneously surpassed human progression and horror. One can see how the Nazi philosophy was not authored to merely die out upon Hitler’s defeat. It certainly was never personally forgotten, for the men who forged that bloody chapter in history were deeply spiritually and philosophically connected to their work. This meticulous data, kept safely compartmentalized in case of capture or death, would survive the war almost entirely intact arriving on the heels of its own self-fulfilling prophecy in the form of Hitler's less well known book, New World Order, which would serve as the center of focus for the emerging globalist worldview.

   There was a kind of “the future belongs to us" idealism to the National Socialist state. And in our contemporary socio-political climate, this feeling has seemingly been realized by the surviving Nazis, their descendants, and their American supporters. The same handful of names of persons involved in the global intelligence community changed the world in more ways than imaginable between the years of 1943 and 1969, and researchers in all fields ranging from ritual magic to military strategy and theoretical physics are still putting the pieces of the Nazi puzzle together to try and figure out just what happened. Martin Bormann, Josef Mengele, Werner Von Braun, Klaus Barbie, Reinhard Gehlen, then Himmler and Hitler did enough during the war to influence an unending crusade of globalist ideas. Knowledge that is still found in the arsenal of modern doctors, spies, torture experts, rocket scientists, marketing executives, and so on.   

    Our latest Freemasonic and Skull and Bones presidents and other political leaders jump at the chance to vocalize the loaded term “New World Order." It becomes impossible to dismiss conspiracy theorists on this subject as most of the American populace is walking around with the phrase printed on every one dollar Federal Reserve note in their pocket. Under the pyramid on the Great Seal of this country it says, Novus Ordo Seclorum, a “New Order of the Ages.“ Is this the same as the Nazi weltanschauung, or worldview? From modern medicine, propaganda in the media, modern technology, the space program, politics, intelligence communities, and modern terrorism, you will find that, "the Nazis didn't ever lose World War 2, they just moved." (Monarch: The New Phoenix Program) The American flag is still flying high and children are still saluting it, so was this some kind of worst case scenario of silent, Cold War era infiltration? Are these simply the delusional ramblings of poor conspiracy theorists and disinformation agents trying to squeeze the last buck out of the conspiracy-as-entertainment crowd?

    In sixty years we went from watching our fathers die in Normandy and Stalingrad to letting the same powerful families create wars out of thin air for their own ends. They consolidate money and power, and continue what researcher and author Jim Marrs calls, a National Socialist or NSA/NASA/Nazi police state which perpetuates a climate of fear and propaganda, trauma based mind control, and brutal unending S.S.-styled violence. These impossibly wealthy banking and political families make no secret of their agenda. Some of the more obvious offenders are the Bush, Rockefeller and the Rothschild clans. They crop up on both sides of every major war throughout history, pulling the strings as it were. The Rothschild's, who have no fear of media attention, openly discuss their plans for globalization, often as sound-bytes in the daily news.

    Outside of direct contact with the agenda are found what are sometimes unwitting agents of polarization. Namely, people like Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, and Fox News who pull our emotions, opinions, fears, and finally votes in every direction. None of them seem to care that they leave us confused, fighting amongst each-other and blind to the fact that two choices of how to get to the same destination is ultimately no choice at all. They kindly for the dissemination of water-cooler conversation among the public, always parroting the extreme opinions promoted by what pretends to be an independent media. Even the people who are speaking fragments of truth do so in a way that is anxiety ridden, unsettling, and often influenced by their sponsors.

    The Nazis and their sympathizers made sure that they had their hands in everything. They have tentacles spread through every major secret society, corporation, the media, and the military all over the world; the product of the post-war Nazi smuggling operations known collectively today as “Odessa,” and sometimes styled as a mythical beast such as in The Nazi Hydra in America by John Hawkins. The word represents the seamless compartmentalization of Nazi intelligence, scattered safely across the world after World War II into every global intelligence body, space program, banking option or opportunity, torture handbook, eugenics ideology, and especially the psychology departments of major American universities.

   This transfer of information was called Project Paperclip on the polite American media side and was sanctioned by the U.S. government. Those who did not make it out officially made it out surreptitiously through “ratlines“ to South America and Israel, where they sometimes found themselves involved in all kinds of paramilitary operations, false flag attacks, and cultivating racist extremism. These ratlines were also assisted by units of the U.S. Infantry who were involved in counter-intelligence. Author and researcher Peter Levenda says, in his book Unholy Alliance, that about seventy thousand Nazis escaped after the war and didn't waste any time catching back up with their work. The slow but sure corporate takeover of the military, aided by the media, is loosely termed: the military industrial complex, abbreviated by Stephen Ambrose as MIC. In the U.S., people like Roosevelt, Eisenhower, JFK, and even Nazi S.S. officer Werner Von Braun warned of the threat of consolidating military, government, air and space, and corporate power into too few hands.

“The creation of this empire has been facilitated by the power of the corporate mass media, increasingly falling into fewer and fewer hands. The ownership of the corporations that presently control the information available to the broadest portion of the public can be traced back to the same families and companies who backed Hitler. Like Hitler, who sought to bring individuals alienated by the Industrial Revolution and Depression into a hive-like German Volk, of united people, the globalists who control America's mass media have attempted to bring citizens into one common worldview by the unremitting dissemination of homogenous news and information." -- Jim Marrs, Fourth Reich

"The obsession of the Nazis with the occult was there since the beginning, and it's very well documented its not something we are just making up... It's in the national archives and the Library of Congress and all throughout Europe to show the Nazis really were not a political party but a cult...They were a cult they were not any kind of political party as we would understand it"

        Young Adolf Hitler became fascinated with the Spear of Destiny Habsburg Regalia exhibit at the Hofburg Musuem in Viennea, 1913. Later its known from Ravenscroft and Peter Levenda's work that the weaponization of the occult was very important to the leading Nazis. Between the Thule, Vril, and Black Sun, and Greenbaum  remote viewers, there was quite a lot of Nazi occultism taking place during the war. Oddly enough, most of the eugenics ideas seem hijacked from Madame Blavatsky, yet they may originate from an otherworldly source in a body of data where masonry, the Golden Dawn and an offshoot of the Knights Templar spiritualist intersect. It seems that beside Hitler being possessed in some ways, many occultist of the time were experimenting with what Crowley, at least did successfully in the late thirties, contact with a trans-dimensional that mirrors the beings abducting Americans for the past fifty years. Though the history of contact with other entities is a long and deluded one, we can make out some of the book marks in time. On the popular side you have guardian angels, demons, fairies, aliens, etc... On the other you have more mysterious characters Solomon and his Temple, Jesus and his artificial insemination, Abdul Al Hazard and the Necronomicon, the Book of Enoch, John Dee, Enochian, and Jack Parsons' Babylon Working.


       In 1558, Queen Elizabeth the 1st appointed a man named John Dee her personal astrologer. Dee along with Edward Kelley received "from divine sources," a communication system for establishing a dialogue with angels ( and or one's guardian angel/divine self ) this angel language was called Enochian

 " Anybody who claims to have god's personal mobile number... is a tremendous threat to the established church. The church, in spiritual terms, is a collection of middle men. If you had an entire population capable of communicating with spiritual forces for themselves then popes.cardinals,bishops, all of these who have been redundant, that was the threat that John Dee posed to the religious authorities. Anybody who had information or knowledge which didn't fit with the established orhtodoxy was cruisin for a bruisin " -Alan Moore

     Interestingly enough, enochian is practiced by masons at the 33rd degree. Astronauts are usually 33rd degree masons. 33 degrees is also the latitudinal line across the earth that geographically maps out all the sites of alien or angel contact including Roswell and the site of the dictation of the book of Enoch. So Dee developed a system, with trans dimensional assistance of course that Crowley would later elaborate on, and it seems Parsons and Hubbard may have fucked up, quite simply; opening a portal to the UFO sightings and abductions of the the same time the beginning of a very Nazi esque eugenics plan and violent experimentation is also beginning that continues well documented into current cases.

       One can begin to understand the magick secret societies of the third reich by what they were working on at the time. What is known is that the Vril was concerned with underground paradise in a Hollow Earth and that vril itself seems like another version of chi, prana, or orgone and can be channeled in many various ways once invoked. The Vril or Vril-ya term seems to be from a hybrid of science fiction, geomancy or ley line magick, but is essentially the same as chi in martial arts or prana in yoga.

     The Thule were started around 1919, led by Dietrich Eckhart who would later edit the Nazi newspaper, advanced spiritualist concerned with bloodlines, the Spear of Destiny,Teutonic and Pagan rites, etc...

    The Black Sun or Black Order seems to be Himmler's pet occultist, tied together by an everlasting belief in these occult beliefs. Himmler seems to have practiced a self-stylized form of Nordic mysticism that pooled ideas from the above organizations, and the most high ranking SS being blessed by him, so that their deceased skulls could be used in necromancy and channeling.


Himmler is also most known for taking over castles in Europe in a ritualistic fashion for geomancic purposes. Strange as it seems, the occult side of Nazism and contact with other worldly beings, is really what informed the plan to wipe out other races, in other words, aliens may have been responsible for the genesis of eugenics in the Third Reich, besides the element of a racist and psychotic work force, the extreme racist justifications provided if not prophesied simultaneously, by Darwin.

      One of the leading theories which drove Nazi occultism was that of a hollow earth. It seems to be the living quarters for pre history reptilian civilizations and a breeding ground for Dulce base conspiracy theories. Though much of the original German occultism regarding the hollow earth was in theory, and in part seemingly based on a fiction novel*. Later records show the SS making an expedition there as they did all other occult hot spots on the globe.

( Jim Marrs' research and any work into German business post- WW2 points out the rise in antidepressants was solely the invention of corporations making money off of the " Pandora's box of placebo cures" we accept for our problems, normal human problems and natural chemical reactions that we try to artificially police with nonsense. Also Marrs points out that every major spree shooter in the last two decades was on a cross-design of some psychiatrists " anti-psychotic" anti-anxiety cocktail without real mental therapy. )

       Science has had many years to catch up with modern occultism and in some cases demystify some of the long undusted cryptic passages of history. Just as well, the occult and its various rites, mythologies, and organizations have had time to cross compare, translate, and make simple even the most ancient and laborious of invocations.A trip to the local bookstore will unveil a thousand ways to contact a billion mystery school entities, exciting psychedelic ritual journeys for any curious psychonaut or proper magician. We have been able to access a part of history where by we can cross reference the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying with Rick Straussman's DMT: The Spirit Molecule.

       Modern Counter Culture, in the hash smelling dorm rooms it existed in, bonded in some ways, with magick and science and created pop gurus like Timothy Leary and Ram Dass. In the late 90s DMT and grey aliens had forced their way onto the main stream pulse of culture. The Fifth Element and Transmetropolitan became pseudo household names. One of the leaders in occult thought in our modern pop black hole informational matrix, as he might put it, is comic book author Grant Morrison. He gave a talk at Disinformation that left everyone's jaw on the floor, and among his many other treasured writings, the Invisibles stands out as an occult history; more colorful and inclusive than most scholarly work on the subject, and is probably the foremost inspiration for the Matrix films. One of the thousands of ideas that Grant puts forth in his work and talks is that two-dimensional art or sigils with magickal intent, function as a kind of hacking code of the universe, and we can, by will, change reality. Quantum Physicists and British Comic Book authors at least agree on one thing: That we live in a two-dimensional reality of stacked informational hard drives, projecting three-dimensional holograms that we know as reality. Therefore two dimensional designs are the blue prints for our mental plane creating reality in front of us. In terms of consciousness, we have been dreaming ourselves about to wake up for about two centuries now.Within this framework we can easily see how other entities can shift in and out of this reality. Mega Ritualistic designs utilizing sacred geometry or astronomical arrangements also take on a more meaningful context in this startling new view of reality.

Mind Control

        The mental "programming" we receive from television was started by the Nazis who aired not only their bizarre Aryan, mega ritual marches but also the Olympics to the people of Berlin in 1936. This would be the first mass appearance of the television. Later it would be used to mold the 50's Truman Show, robot-esque conformist-yet constructive, ideally peaceful culture. Nowadays, on the media side, six multinational monoliths control all popular and overwhelming global media. " Time Warner, Disney, Viacom, Vivendi, Bertelsmann AG, and News Corporation completely inform our world view." ( Marrs ) This is the ultimate Nazi dream. All information from one source, filtered through scripted controlled sources, to a controlled and sleepy public. Everyone reporting and advertising their body, skills, and daily activity to a book of faces or facebook. For the ultimate catalogue of all citizens to begin the NSA's dream of mass identification, whether it involves RFID chips and X-Ray scans, or not. Start a war, see if anyone stands up, Start another, repeat. The media and war are always working hand in hand in our modern fear based political climate. The idea is to traumatize a population to make it more easily controllable. Trauma based mind control- we shall talk more about this later.

          Not so much has been published about the fine line that currently exists, supposedly between military and industry. Certainly in the age of war profiteering it becomes impossible to distinguish if there is a line between military industry and the state. Much more disturbing, would there be any division between the intent of the military and media? ( Not so much. ) Many mind control and brain-washing techniques, that have been mastered in combat settings, have become the palate of globalist advertisers, the multiple personality attention deficit is in the media...not the people. We have developed all kinds of names for what too much TV does to us; and our current collective mental condition allows for a handful of individuals to start decade long world wars and make all the money from both sides. They have one motivation, fear, and one tool, the television. Since it works so well, no further steps toward control have to be taken. We just assume the news is not lying or mal-informed, even though we know journalism is dead and reporters are actors in a studio reading a script.

" voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger" ( Goering )

       The TV worked well, but they didn't stop there. One could write five books alone, on the contribution to freak science and elitist mind control tactics, of one Josef Mengele or the " Angel of Death". In short, with thousands of helpless human bodies to experiment on in the concentration camps, Mengele and his team of doctors, worked to extract a massive amount of what is mostly - still secret medical data. One of the key things America, gave him thousands of dollars after the war to master, was trauma based mind control. Later after the Korean War, when soldiers came back entirely brainwashed into being Communist, the military gave Mengele the green light to apply TBMC in every way imaginable. This method lead to the various branches of MK-ULTRA post Vietnam ( or the Phoenix Project specifically ) turning gradually into a corporate/ military / industrial / air and space mind control frenzy continued at least through the late 90s. Mind control victims emerge from Delta level Military or black ops soldiers, Disney pop stars and actors, political assassinations, NASA scientist, Russian prodigy children, etc...The list is really longer than most are comfortable with.

       Supposedly, according to a conglomeration of researchers, underground bases span from Disney World to the Denver Airport, New York, and of course Area 51. They were built with CIA and NSA money from the " war on drugs ". They were initially for elitist pedophilia rings, then those just turned into mind control centers. When a child is traumatized severely they tend to disassociate and naturally split their personality to not deal with the trauma. According to people who have been victims of TBMC, and law enforcement officials, this is done at ages 3 and 5 or 6, and is seamlessly connected to satanic circles and individuals who harm kids sexually in ritualistic context or wearing masks, to discredit the children when they complain of attack to someone they trust. Once a person's mind has split successfully, it has open or secret rooms, so to speak, where data can be literally programmed in and encrypted, then the memory of the whole ordeal is removed or blocked. This allows the " handler " to program in alternate personality's that respond only to the handler's subliminal or encoded nonsensical commands or messages. The mind is an obediant puppy when the applications of electroshock ( used to "see the light" or have a seemingly spiritual nerve numbing experience ) and sexual and other brutal physical trauma are mixed to ensure an obedient, vulnerable, and programmable individual. This is how Russia, the US, and a few others farmed their NASA brains, personal sex slaves, and Delta level Spec Ops soldiers. This Psy Op mix of torture and loving enslavement, or " love bombing ", are the staple of Disney morals or religion and military emotional castration. Many victims remember Mengele programming them as children in Arizona and California. This later evolution of TBMC was called Monarch, another sub-project of MK-ULTRA. It takes its name from the person being shattered and reborn, and MK from MK-ULTRA is just the German abbreviation for " mind control ".

After the war, it seems almost obvious upon reflection that much of the Nazi eugenics and freakish mind-manipulation experiments were carried out under the smokescreen of alien abduction. Thousands of people from all over the world have claimed to have been abducted by aliens and put through a traumatic eugenics program. The CIA has been caught on more than occasion influencing our alien-obsessed culture. They began the Pleiadian contacts of the New Age movement, fueled the 1960's psychedelic movement with Orange Sunshine acid given to Timothy Leary by CIA assets, promoted modern art over the bland architecture of their Cold War enemies, and so on. It’s foolish to think that their meddling has ended. In his legendary ‘tin foil’ end times survival manual Behold a Pale Horse, ex-Naval Intelligence officer William Cooper details some of the exotic mind control technology that could be used to convince someone that they have been abducted over and over by the same three and a half foot tall grey aliens and interfered with in some continuing way. Doctor Jose Delgado was not alone in advancing the kind of research that allowed electrical stimulation of the occipital lobe to cause hypnagogic suggestions. These discoveries may explain the bright light witnessed in alien abductions and also near-death experiences where the hypnagogic state may be reached naturally, involving similar parts of the brain.

Even though we can see that some alien-themed scenarios have been fabricated by the intelligence community, and we know that some members of this community have been involved in trans-dimensional magick, there still seems to be an intriguing validity to the alien argument; including the popular ‘ancient astronaut’ theory hinting at an alien influence on more ancient civilizations. One needs to look no further than the popular History Channel show Ancient Aliens, where researchers like David Hatcher Childress, Philip Coppens, Nick Redfern, and Giorgio Tsoukalos blend physics, art history, and science know-how to explain many ancient visions and scenarios, that seem to be visitations from another world or a hidden part of our world; the experience obviously being colored by the worldview of the indigenous people in witness. Ancient Aliens cross compares the work of all the ancient alien theorists including Erich von Daniken, whom Tsoukalos is a student, as well as Zechariah Sitchin and Robert K G Temple.

People who are new to the topic of alien abduction often see the subject as being too "far out" to be worth serious consideration; however, the abduction phenomenon has provided physical evidence supporting its argument in the form of microchip implants, crop circles, false memory implants, unexplainable scars and burn marks, and other mysterious anomalies. Though more data points to the abduction experience itself being a product of some kind of memory manipulation or mind control, the mere fact that something is happening begs for scientific scrutiny by any willing branch of respectable academia.

Oddly enough, science fiction has always been under the same scrutiny, programming the masses, intentionally or not, through the subtle yet dangerous method of predictive programming via the media. Chris Carter (X-files), Philip K. Dick (A Scanner Darkly, Blade Runner, Total Recall), and Stanley Kubrick (possibly involved in Apollo moon mission fakery) were all approached by members of the intelligence community, or the fourth Reich, and influenced, instructed, or censored in some way in their work. Other science fiction authors have directly alien or Masonic ties like Willy Ley (Tom Corbett, Man in Space) and Gene Roddenberry (Star Trek). (Jay Weidner / Richard Hoagland) 

"I'm sure we would not have had men on the moon if it had not been for Wells and Verne and the people who write about this and make people think about it. I'm rather proud of the fact that I know several astronauts who became astronauts through reading my books.“ -- Arthur C Clarke, address to Congress, 1975.

In Jay Weidner's documentary Kubrick's Odyssey, Weidner details how Stanley Kubrick would have been recruited by the intelligence community, based on his innovative methods of filming the B-2 bomber scenes in Dr. Strangelove, to fake the moon landing utilizing the exact timeline and budget of his seminal sci-fi film, 2001: A Space Odyssey. Weidner illustrates how Kubrick's internal demons from this mass deception and the shady characters who perpetrated it would haunt him and become the driving force behind his hijacking of Stephen King's novel The Shining. This film, in turn, became a symbolic parable about elitist tactics as well as a possible confession of his knowledge or involvement with the space program.

Weidner shows how the research of people like Richard Hoagland may have disproved earlier theories of artificial structures on the moon, when pointing out the anomalies in the back of official NASA moon photos, and are actually proof of pre-green screen special effects which Kubrick used in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Researcher and Dark Mission co-author Mike Bara disagrees: “I think he’s completely and unequivocally wrong. We see the exact same structures from orbit as we do from the lunar surface. That pretty much settles it for me. We can even see the same structures from 2 different landing sites, Apollo 12 and Apollo 14." (

It has already been established that NASA was originally comprised of Masons, magicians, and Nazis. All three groups have their mascots or flagship individuals. The Freemasons had Buzz Aldrin who set up an altar on the moon; a great human being who was quite possibly “debriefed,” or brainwashed, as is evident in his odd responses to direct questions about the moon. The magicians were represented by Jack Parsons of JPL, a one time head of the California branch of the magical order Ordo Templi Orientalis. And the Nazi group was led by Werner von Braun. They may have, according to researcher Joseph Farrell, overpowered the other two groups by now.

One of the enigmas of history is von Braun. Here is a man who was sketching moon bases and dreaming of universal peace and freedom in the late 40s, at a time when Himmler and company were breaking down his door to make sure his V-2 rocket would level London instead of get a man into space. After a few years as an S.S. scientist, von Braun is welcomed with open arms in the U.S. and becomes Director of NASA. Years later he would work with Disney, starring in his own Disney space propaganda, for lack of a better description. Meanwhile, Willy Ley, one of von Braun's closest associates on rocketry, decided to escape Nazi rule and come to America. There was no great interest in rocketry at the time, so he turned to writing and advising on science fiction novels and television shows like Tom Corbett, Space Cadet. Air and Space

Wernher Von Braun (needs to be updated with notes from Secret Space Conference-Peter Levenda)

It seems, right from the beginning of life in Wersitz, Wernher had a strong passion for rockets. Influenced directly by the science fiction- which functioned then, as scientific speculation, a young von Braun started experimenting right away with flying and exploding rocket experiments. He had the mind filled with imaginative sci-fi ideas and the family money to experiment.

" The young von Braun became fascinated by science fiction-that literary underdog of pulp magazines and lurid fantasies which has, in fact, transformed the world just as much more ( than ) " sophisticated " literature ever has. Jules Verne's 1865 novel From the Earth to the moon was a particular inspiration. Like so many space visionaries, von Braun fell in love with rockets as a young boy and chased that one passion relentlessly for the rest of his life. Rockets today are " just" machines for sending satellites and modules into space, but half a century ago they seemed to promise something more to the people who dreamed of building them. Humanity would fly into the cosmos and settle on other planets, where new and perhaps better societies could be created. The rocket mirage was vague, but it was in keeping with the "romance of flight" or the "romance of the open road " that made the airplane and the automobile such objects of desire in the 1920s and 1930s, when the darker potentials of such machines had not yet been revealed to their fullest and most bitter extent."[1]
Wernher von Braun: Rocket Man for War and Peace
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He met up with like-minded visionaries in The Society for Space Travel ( Verein fur Raumschiffart ) Willy Ley and Hermann Oberth. Throughout the thirties von Braun would swiftly have his optimistic vision for the future of man, turn over night- into weapons capable of mass obliteration, by demanding Nazis like Heinrich Himmler. Much controversy surrounds von Braun's position on Nazism.One thing that the Nazi's make clear, join us or no research at all...20,000 people died in the tunnels built to house experimentation on the V-2 rocket. These projects were jointly headed by von Braun

"To me, von braun was a crusader he had an objective he wanted to reach a goal he wanted to get to and his whole activities were in that direction" -Julius Brown US Army Intelligence

Though it is obvious that von Braun knew of the atrocities happening in the same places he worked, he may have actually saved many people by assigning them elsewhere. Either way, it seems von Braun had his eyes on one thing...the development of his dreams in space exploration,

"We knew that we had created a new means of warfare, and the question as to what nation, to what victorious nation we were willing to entrust this brainchild of ours was a moral decision more than anything else. We wanted to see the world spared another conflict such as Germany had just been through, and we felt that only by surrendering such a weapon to people who are guided by the Bible could such an assurance to the world be best secured. All of man's scientific and engineering efforts will be in vain unless they are performed and utilized within a framework of ethical standards commensurate with the magnitude of the scope of the technological revolution. The more technology advances, the more fateful will be its impact on humanity.You must accept one of two basic premises: Either we are alone in the universe, or we are not alone in the universe. And either way, the implications are staggering". - von Braun

Though the above documentaries try to convince you otherwise, it seems there is no proof of von Braun's nazism, in the usual sense...If von Braun could've done it over himself, he may have not hurt anyone...There is no distinction between SS orders and von Braun's real intentions

" I trust you realize that your rocket has ceased to be an engineer's toy? The German people are eagerly waiting for it. " -Himmler

Capture of von Braun

. " I didn't know von Braun from a hole in the ground. " -44th division veteran below

" As Hitler's Third Reich was crumbling in January 1945, von Braun made plans to move his team of about 125 leading rocket scientists and engineers of the world, south to surrender to the Americans. Rather than succumb to capture by the long-sworn enemies the Russians, von Braun organized a mass exodus from Peenemunde to surrender to the American troops in Austria. Unknown to von Braun, Hitler had ordered their execution to prevent their capture by the Allies. After a dangerous intrigue filled journey and secure in Austria, they waited for the American arrival. At that time, brother Magnus von Braun journey on a bicycle to meet them. The first soldier that he met was a sentry with the 324th Infantry Regiment, 44th Infantry Division, Private First Class Frederick Schneikert. Magnus was ordered to drop the bicycle and surrender, hands-up. In poor English, Magnus tried to explain his mission. The young soldier was not really sure what think of his claims. He turned the matter over to his commanding officer, First Lieutenant Charles L. Stewart. Stewart at first thought that Magnus was trying to"sell" his brother and the other scientists to the Americans. The contemporary report from the "Mission Accomplished, The Battle History of the 44th" is written with this prospective. The communications were soon cleared up and Lieutenant Stewart gave Magnus passes for the Germans, to ensure their safe passage to the American encampment. On May 2, 1945, von Braun and his rocket team surrendered to the US 44th Infantry Division. Had the Soviets captured von Braun instead, the post WW2 history might have been far different. " from the44th Division site here

Von Braun had always embraced science fiction but his vision like Disney's extended way past our current science. He and many at NASA from the late 50's, envisioned space stations and the like...

"The space station (to be constructed using rockets with recoverable and reusable ascent stages) would be a toroid structure, with a diameter of 250 feet (76 m). The space station would spin around a central docking nave to provide artificial gravity, and would be assembled in a 1,075 mile (1,730 km) two-hour, high-inclination Earth orbit allowing observation of essentially every point on earth on at least a daily basis. The ultimate purpose of the space station would be to provide an assembly platform for manned lunar expeditions. The notion of a rotating wheel-shaped station was introduced in 1929 by Herman Potočnik in his his book The Problem of Space Travel - The Rocket Motor. More than a decade later, the movie version of 2001: A Space Odyssey would draw heavily on the design concept in its visualization of an orbital space station. Von Braun envisaged these expeditions as very large-scale undertakings, with a total of 50 astronauts travelling in three huge spacecraft (two for crew, one primarily for cargo), each 49 m (160.76 ft) long and 33 m (108.27 ft) in diameter and driven by a rectangular array of 30 rocket propulsion engines.Upon arrival, astronauts would establish a permanent lunar base in the Sinus Roris region by using the emptied cargo holds of their craft as shelters, and would explore their surroundings for eight weeks. This would include a 400 km expedition in pressurized rovers to the crater Harpalus and the Mare Imbrium foothills." At this time von Braun also worked out preliminary concepts for a manned Mars mission that used the space station as a staging point. His initial plans, published in The Mars Project (1952), had envisaged a fleet of ten spacecraft (each with a mass of 3,720 metric tons), three of them unmanned and each carrying one 200-ton winged lander. in addition to cargo, and nine crew vehicles transporting a total of 70 astronauts. Gigantic as this mission plan was, its engineering and astronautical parameters were thoroughly calculated. A later project was much more modest, using only one purely orbital cargo ship and one crewed craft. In each case, the expedition would use minimum-energy Hohmann transfer orbits for its trips to Mars and back to Earth. Before technically formalizing his thoughts on human spaceflight to Mars, von Braun had written a science fiction novel, set in 1980, on the subject. According to his biographer, Erik Bergaust, the manuscript was rejected by no less than 18 publishers. Von Braun later published small portions of this opus in magazines, to illustrate selected aspects of his Mars project popularizations. The complete manuscript, titled Project MARS: A Technical Tale, did not appear as a printed book until December 2006. -wiki

Oddly enough it seems there were people on the surface who wished to downplay Wernher's Space Odyssey, if you will, and make the technology appear to move a lot slower. The notorious compartmentalizing of information by intelligence groups around that time make it impossible to understand how far the initial potential of von Braun's vision reaches...or destroys...

" Another possible crossing point for aerospace information may have been the Interplanetary Society ( BIS ), according to bennett and Percy. While the BIS was reportedly created in September 1945 by combining several existing organizations interested in the future of space exploration, it was not officially inaugurated until December of that year. At that time, Wernher von Braun, the man behind the V-2 rockets, was named as an honorary fellow. Arthur C. Clarke, an early member of the BIS, claimed the society had been in existence long before the was and was merely in "suspended animation" from 1939 to 1945. Nothing that the Soviet embassy in London subscribed to no less than twenty copies of the bimonthly BIS journal, Bennett and Percy asked, "Why was it necessary to reform a society already in existence? Why did the British hasten to grant such an award to the man who only nine months before...was responsible for the annihilation of so many people in London and the Home Countries? Why did von Braun...wish to play down the real timing, if everybody felt comfortable with the reasons for honoring ( him ) ? " Their insinuation is that valuable tocket technology information was passed along via the BIS, possibly with the approval of von Braun. "

Here again we see the encryption of key data in these magazines as proof of the " in plain sight " method of communicating certain data.

" Von Braun was also given the chance to display his undeniable charm on the public stage. He became a campaigner for space, tirelessly working the local Chambers of Commerce, the Rotary clubs and any other venues that would host him. By sheer force of personality, he shed his past and took up the role he had dreamed of ever since he was a boy: as the champion of our ascent into space. Perhaps he reinvented himself morally too, for his speeches and presentations throughout the rest of his life were informed not just by his abiding love of rockets, but also a passionate belief in human values. " -Bizony p30

Von Braun and Disney

"In the hope that its involvement would bring about greater public interest in the future of the space program, von Braun also began working with Walt Disney and the Disney studios as a technical director, initially for three television films about space exploration. The initial broadcast devoted to space exploration was Man in Space, which first went on air on March 9, 1955, drawing 42 million viewers and unofficially the second-highest rated television show in American history." -wiki

Two men that had a million ideas for the future, almost all of them utopian, ideal, flawless. The art that designed space stations and future worlds turned into Imagineering.

Conspiracy Theories regarding Von Braun:

In 1967 Von Braun visited Antartica

"Find yourself a copy of National Geographic, October 1968. I found one last month during my first search. On page 568 it has a 24-page article Antarctica: Icy Testing Ground for Space by Samuel W. Matthews, which might answer some of your questions. There was a large programme of study. In brief, it made perfect sense for NASA to be studying one of the most hostile environments on earth to get some idea of what environments off earth might be like. On page 571 it has a brief, and its only, mention of von Braun:

"Last January," a young Ph.D. at Byrd told me casually, "Dr. Wernher von Braun flew in to see our moon station. Here we are, out on the end of a limb, buried in the ice, living under the most hostile conditions. No need to wonder what a base on the moon might be like someday. We're it already."

It continues:

During my own month on "the Ice," as all Antarctic hands call their world, I found:

  • Biologists from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California studying microscopic forms of life that somehow survive the gripping cold, desert drought, and lack of sunlight half the year in mysteriously snow-free valleys. "We hope to learn how to detect life on Mars, if any exists there," they said.
  • Physicists measuring upper-atmospheric disturbances and solar winds that could menace moon-bound astronauts.
  • Psychophysiologists recording men's sleeping and dreaming behavior, to learn the effects of living under cramped and totally isolated conditions, as in a future space station.
  • Scientists of a dozen nations working together, under international exchange programs, without regard to political differences. There is no cold war in earth's coldest land.
  • Tourists, farther south than ever before...

Even more intriguing than von Braun visiting an Antarctic research station is a United States Rear Admiral visiting a Russian Station there, at the height of the cold war. The caption to the photo on page 587 says: Russian hospitality: Soviet leader Boris Belyaev, right, spreads a welcome at pinup-decorated Vostok Station. U.S. Antarctic commander Rear Adm. J. Lloyd Abbot, Jr., and Jerry Huffman, senior National Science Foundation representative, flew in two American scientists for joint ionosphere studies. Likewise, Russians work each year at U.S. bases. The article has the names of ships I forgot decades ago (Eltanin, Burton Island, Westwind, and on page 577 it has a photo of the red-hulled ship Magga Dan, a name I hadn't heard since 1968. It took the first 21 tourists to Antarctica, and because it left from New Zealand it was in our news at the time"//

-this was taken fromhere

Some of the information on this page is taken directly fromWernher at wikipedia

Carol Rosin
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I've been talking with Carol Rosin, von Braun's last secretary who set up a lot of anti space war organizations. These are her ideas...HERE

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