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End Game

Frank Zero hates the Future…

       Well maybe hate is too strong of a word, and I promise- hippie nature, humanity loving, friends of mine, I am escape the dark world of conspiracies and all the paranoia and dis-ease that comes with trying to live up to the fictional likes of Mulder or Scooby Doo. This “researcher/author/PR” lifestyle ain’t even paying for the sunflower seeds or the double decker sandwiches. I have to admit, that ever since I was small I knew I wasn’t on the planet to have fun, or live a normal life by any means, I was always ready to be this kind of seeker of puzzle pieces and I kind of like it down here, it’s dark and comfortable, like the dusty unappreciated- Fortean corner of a local library. Propelled by the impossible idealism of comic book characters and the attention to detail, gathered from being raised in part- on military bases and part- around military family and historians; I continue striving to find at least some of the smaller answers...the questions in mind have been asked before but I’m beginning to see an end game. A rather complete understanding of a phenomenon that I thought may never be understood. There had to be a reason that out of all the movies and cartoons I watch the RFID and the alien invasion were almost TOO common and now I think I know why...They divorce themselves from normal sync in that they are often implanted by Psyop divisions or exmilitary, or whistleblowers of some kind, and are literal predictive programming of some kind. As if these two scenarios were the preferred from the legendary Steve Jackson CCG card deck. I encourage readers to comment and help us put the whole puzzle together.

We know from abductees and super soldiers the above craft is probably the most common to abduct civilians for "abductions" "M.I.L.A.B.S." etc...

Eve Lorgen
James Bartley
Miles Johnston
James Rink

     The primary reason for secrecy surrounding the UFO phenomenon, and all related fields is two fold but closely related. First of all this information would probably be held from the public by corporations, not governments. Since these corporations either already do, or soon will hold power entirely over countries and regions (smart grids, smart cities, complete surveillance, NSA data collection for every corporation, political issue, etc…) they would have the interest in controlling the technology for two reasons:

A)To continue the clandestine abduction of human beings in order to continue archonic experiments possibly involving actual grey aliens, but the aliens are irrelevant to genetic experiments involving microchipping as a means of tagging AND MANIPULATION of the entire populace starting with those unfortunate programmed individuals who return “to Earth” with colorful stories of aliens,hybrids, and space ship rides. 

Discussions of people who claim to have been trained to stage an abduction (MILAB) (Michael Prince and Aaron Mccullom)


Paul Laffoley on aliens and Raelians

Steven Greer's take on Exoplitics

A passionate religion based around the “visitors,friends,companions,whatever” presents an emotional argument against abduction being entirely human and even Nazi oriented. (Even though some of these abduction and UFO researchers know damn good and well the Nazis built the first UFOs based off of Maria Orsic’s alien channelings)  The technology proposed here was factually mastered for decades as offshoots of MK-ULTRA…Index of mind control topics

B)To allow certain corporate entities to continue the methods which make them the most money, wasting the most resources, and exploiting human workforces as well as the planet to the fullest extent. For example the oil industry and it’s ties to military industry, and how a different energy source or environmentally sound/electric cars etc… would throw a wrench in their agenda for world depletion.cobracurrency1.jpg
-Saturday Morning Vision Quest by Frank Zero

The above “A)” scenario involves a mindless, soulless workforce which would be used to serve the remaining hidden elite government and colonize the Moon, Mars, etc… for this extremely rich corporate CEO’s after the complete obliteration of the middle class due to the switching to some inaccessible currency such as RFID credits or gold,etc…Both Doctor Who and Total Recall revisit Jack Kirby ideas about slaves/employees in the future working just for their daily oxygen…

Microchipping Human Agenda


All forms of spirituality will either be carded off in poor regions and used to fuel holy wars or classified as types of mental illness along with creativity, what we now understand as love,etc...Pharmaceutical companies will replace doctors. Robots will take most of the jobs that the current middle and lower class occupy. Something like Elysium...which I haven’t seen yet.
Plug and Pray Documentary Preview

Maybe people are right about Kennedy being killed related to the space program and the military industrial complex…but maybe that’s because the space program was getting into more sinister covert operations…391797_190795691009120_1561976931_n.jpgdp+3.jpg
Groups who have in the past worked through an intelligence capacity to force civil unrest will ride already programmed currents of racial/sexual/religious unrest to force the further occupation of cities within the U.S. which may or may not be mass triggered by foreign invasion whether financially motivated or literally aliens.

Since Nazi groups started much of these modern nightmare scenarios, there sudden rebirth in Russia, the Ukraine, and Germany is no surprise as they never lost the war, they just relocated and continued the thousand year reich.

Tracy Twyman: Black Sun shields in Ukraine

The End Game: The Controllers by Martin Cannon

More about faked abductions
The Contact Book: Them or Us blog by Frank Zero

Related Interviews, etc…
Frank Zero on Youtube
Playlist 1

How to Fall in Love with the Neon Apocalypse:

Stop freaking out. Stop looking for monsters everywhere. Make yourself your ideal self. Take care of your body, read daily, love daily, let go of the collective black ooze that keeps us all down in the dumps, PTSD-gripping the ditches on our lowest chakra concerned with safety, power, and survival. That listless Nothing, that rage and hate, and nervous worry. Let us elevate ourselves to the likes of X-Men and Jedis. Self mastery, through any shamanic or magickal system is encouraged with any system that helps you move, meditate, and work with energy. Heal yourself, empower yourself. This is the end of the world or the beginning of a much improved version of the species, either way seize the opportunity. Your truth is out there. There are no victims, we are all witness to the big bang at the end, as we were our collective birth into this timeline we are all co-creating this reality...and that’s enough hopeful hippy shit for the next nine of my post.

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